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Bodugi selects iMegaMedia

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by iMegaMedia

Bodugi homepage It was just an idea but a business that the founders were passionate to turn into a reality. They contacted iMega, we met within 24hrs and got to work understanding the concept and then shaped and moulded the online business into a defined scope of work. With the plan set out we were now able scope the server/hosting requirement and present the final pricing back to the two founders.

Working closely with Bodugi we ran a brand workshop to understand their target market and demographic which resulted in the logo, web, iPhone app designs that you see today. The founders tracked the ongoing development as a result of regular updates by our developers and designers on our collaboration tool, Basecamp. The designs were run in parallel with the development and we soon arrived at a design that captured everything they were looking for.

With our Bodugi Project Manager managing the day to day design and development we ensured that communication was strong, the project stayed on track and the scope of work was completed.

With many years experience designing scalable, reliable and secure server, storage and back up platforms we worked closely with our hosting partner to provide a pay-as-you-grow solution. Payable monthly with no contracts and offering more or less servers as per business demand. Once this was built and fully tested we benchmarked the application to see how many online users it could handle. With load testing complete Bodugi had the information needed to know when to add more servers prior to a big spike in online traffic.

The site went live early in 2011 and iMegamedia are proud to have been retained by Bodugi to continually develop the site and support it 24x7x365. We are able to scale the Bodugi Development Team up or down depending on the amount of work needed in any given month, a service that allows Bodugi to grow at an unprecedented pace.

Bodugi is the first social betting website where you can choose to play against your mates or other Bodugi players. Beating the bookies feel good, beating your mates feels better!

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