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Imegamedia is uniquely positioned to offer Bigcommerce and Shopify merchants a Trust Payments solution. We are a dynamic, responsive and reliable business partner, who will work with you to ensure you obtain the most out of your store.

  • Premium

    Our professional payment solutions

  • £150

  • Our professional payment solutions are aimed at medium to large merchants
  • Direct communications with our payment gateways Yes
  • UK based SaaS service Yes
  • UK based support teams Yes
  • Priority support Yes
  • Priority Installations & migrations Yes
  • Out of hours support Optional
  • Discounted migration services Yes
  • Discounted multi-store services Yes
  • Unlimited transaction volumes Yes
  • Access to additional services Option
  • Setup and installation service Mandatory £150

Additional information

Supported platforms

We currently provide Trust Payments solutions for Bigcommerce and Shopify. These currently support only UK stores with GBP transactions.

Order creation

Orders will be created in a Pending Payment status and the customer redirected to the Trust Payments systems to capture payment.

Payments authorised

Any payments that we receive an authorised settle status (0, 1, 10, 100) from Trust Payments will update the order to a Paid or Awaiting Fulfillment status. These settings are configurable and must be checked before you go live. More info

Payments declined 

Any payments that we receive a cancelled settle status (3) from Trust Payments will update the order to a Voided or Cancelled status. These settings are configurable and must be checked before you go live. More info

Payments suspended

Any payments that we receive a suspended settle status (2) from Trust Payments will update the order to a Voided or Cancelled status. E.g. CVV mismatch, 3DS check failed. These settings are configurable and must be checked before you go live. More info

Customer refunds

Any Order cancellations performed within the eCommerce platform will NOT cancel or refund any payments to the customer. This will need to be performed manually within the MyST transaction management portal. Please contact your Trust Payments account manager for further information.

Order emails

Your ecommerce platform will continue to send emails as normal (our module does not send emails). Due to the slightly different workflow that is required it is recommended that you review all order email templates to ensure that they remain relevant for your store.

Extended support hours

If your store requires longer support hours or faster turnarounds, then this can also be factored in to your service plan.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions more commonly asked

Imegamedia has significant expertise and a proven record with many payment providers across all eCommerce platforms.

We can offer you a basic payment solution or tailor functionality to your full requirements. A professional end-to-end service which ensures we meet your requirements for professionalism and security.

We can even help you grow with our additional SEO, Insight and Marketing services, strengthening your store and increasing revenue.

By default a Trust Payments site reference will be configured to suspend any transaction which returns a “NOT MATCHED” CVV2 (security code) response, however, it is possible to accept the transaction if required by changing the settle status to ‘1’ within MyST (to force the payment through).

This behaviour can be altered if so required upon request to the Trust Payments technical support team, so that these payments are either not SUSPENDED (i.e. allowed to be settled), or that these payments would be cancelled immediately.

There are other ways where payments can be suspended on the Trust Payments gateway, this could be due to any enabled fraud checks or any custom rules you may have configured to suspend transactions with certain criteria.

If you are utilising the Void capability of the payment module, any suspended transaction would be treated as a cancelled order (even though these payments may have been authorised, but suspended by the gateway). If you wish to disable the Void capability please discuss this with your account manager.

Transactions in a suspended state would eventually be cancelled (reversed) automatically after 7 days, whereby funds would be returned to the customer.

There’s no need to hold expensive expertise in-house. Please contact us to discuss your individual support requirements in more detail.

Under current legislation Imegamedia is categorised as a Data Processor. We take our responsibilities seriously and our standard Lender Contract clearly defines the role and obligations of each party. Our Privacy Notice is available here.

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