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Imegamedia is uniquely positioned to offer lenders a complete range of integration options for all retailer sizes. We are a dynamic, responsive and reliable business partner, who will work with you to develop new technology to grow your retailers




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Enabling a better service

Our premium lender service offers a faster integration and a higher level of customer service. With a contract in place we can freely share information that enables us to provide a single point of contact for any finance issues and we will aim to schedule your integrations within 24 hours

  • Standard

    No contract required

  • Call

  • Our standard lender service plan aimed at smaller lenders with less than 50 retailers
  • Market-leading integration modules Yes
  • Professional support Yes
  • Platforms supported with full integration (Professional) 16
  • Platforms supported with light integration (Express) 100%
  • Free low volume light integration (Express LITE) No
  • Marketing and sales material No
  • Choice of calculator styles No
  • Formal service contract covering GDPR No
  • Access to additional services No
  • Installation priority No
  • Access to conversion data & reporting No
  • Single point of contact for finance issues No
  • Typical time until integration 7-10 days
  • Premium

    Our professional lender services

  • Call

  • Our professional lender service plan aimed at medium to large lenders with between 50 and 500 retailers
  • Market-leading integration modules Yes
  • Professional support Yes
  • Platforms supported with full integration (Professional) 16
  • Platforms supported with light integration (Express) 100%
  • Free low volume light integration (Express LITE) Yes
  • Marketing and sales materials Yes
  • Choice of calculator styles Yes
  • Formal service contract covering GDPR Yes
  • Access to additional services Yes
  • Installation priority Yes
  • Access to conversion data & reporting Yes
  • Single point of contact for finance issues Yes
  • Typical time until integration 24 hours

Additional services

Preferred Development Partners

New developers will need integration support and assistance whilst they come up to speed.  Using Imegamedia will greatly reduce the amount of support that you as a lender need to provide. 

Technical support desk

Our experienced teams are experts in eCommerce and your API. We are ideally placed to answer any technical questions and assist your retailers with their own integrations. Why maintain a large internal IT team when we can provide this facility for you?

Compliance services

Our solution enables you to meet your compliance requirements in a professional and agile manner. Any changes that need to be made can be rolled out to everyone in a smooth and controlled manner with zero client impact. 

Migration services

Occasionally branding changes or major new functionality needs to be rolled out to all your clients. This is typically a huge exercise but our solution architecture and expertise enables us to offer these services with zero client impact. 

White labelled services

Imegamedia are recognised experts in this area, but there still may be times when you would prefer our services to be labelled as your own. There are many ways we can tailor our lender service to your needs including emails, telephone calls, integration support portals, etc.

Extended support hours

If your retailers need longer support hours or faster turnarounds, then this can also be factored in to your lender service plan.

Bespoke development

Our experienced teams are experts in your API and agile enough to respond quickly. When in-house IT teams are over stretched we can offer assistance that delivers a retailer integration quickly and efficiently.

Retailer conversion statistics

Our modules can monitor user behaviours and patterns prior to a finance application being started. With our help, you can plug the gap in your data to identify lost finance opportunities and improve your finance conversions.  

Retail finance consultancy

Tailored analysis and advice to help you increase both your retailer numbers and their turnover, ranging from your proposition and customer journey through to marketing campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions more commonly asked

Imegamedia has significant expertise and a proven record with many lenders across all eCommerce platforms.

We can offer you an integration solution for all retailers, ranging from standard platforms to bespoke requirements. A professional end-to-end service which ensures your retailers meet your requirements for security and compliance.

We provide a seamless, professional process for retailers, that can be entirely branded as the lender, and is fully scalable for any usage level.

We can even help your retailers to grow with our additional SEO, Insight and Marketing services, strengthening your relationship and increasing revenue.

We’re tirelessly innovating to ensure we offer a market-leading solution for all eCommerce platforms. We can also provide state-of-the-art customised integration solutions. We’re aligned with the latest eCommerce developments and are able to quickly adapt to meet the changing landscape

There’s no need to hold expensive integration expertise in-house. Our pricing is based on retailer activity, keeping costs variable and linked to turnover. Typical service plans are shown above, but please contact us to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

This is dependent upon the complexity of your lending platform and the functionality required. Typically, the development of new modules takes around 2 - 4 weeks. Call us for a no obligation discussion.

Under current legislation Imegamedia is categorised as a Data Processor. We take our responsibilities seriously and our standard Lender Contract clearly defines the role and obligations of each party. Our Privacy Notice is available here.

Our service should not be compared to an offshore solution, many of which have come and gone over the fourteen years we have been in business. Offshore solutions are typically not supported or authorised by the UK lenders due to the security risks involved and, more recently, the regulatory requirements of GDPR. They also do not offer support a complete range of integration solutions or a professional UK based support service.

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